Confused by 'Game of Thrones'? This Chatbot Will Answer Your Questions

A.I. Meets Westeros, via London Digital Agency Catch

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Jul 05, 2017
Game of Thrones Chatbot

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If you never know quite what's going on in "Game of Thrones," there's a new way to find out. London digital agency Catch has created a chatbot specially designed to answer your queries about the show.

Whether you're having an argument with your friends about who the bald guy in "Game of Thrones" is, or just wondering how to spell Daenerys, the GoTBot Facebook chatbot will have the answer. For example, questions like "Who is Varys?" will result in a photo of Varys, his title and all sorts of other background information. There's also a handy "Dead or Alive" feature for keeping count of the death toll.

According to the agency, GoTBot was almost born by mistake, starting from a simple "Dead or Alive" Game of Thrones question aong staffers. The team used the AI service to build it, and based answers on popular Google searches about "Game of Thrones."


Jul 05, 2017
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