Badass garden plants go rogue in Hornbach's hilarious spring campaign

Traktor directs German retailer's latest epic spot by Heimat

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Mar 25, 2022

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Spring is here (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and Hornbach wants to get people thinking about sprucing up their gardens again. Its newest TV ad is a call to action that warns that if you don't get started, your garden might go rogue.

The epic new spot from the German DIY retailer (known for its long tradition of quirky and memorable commercials) sees a bunch of garden plants, bushes, trees and even a section of turf come to life and go on a badass roadtrip. To an original "hair metl" style soundtrack (listen closely and you might hear the lyrics "fertilize us.respect us."), they steal the car belonging to the garden owner, drive recklessly, behave obnoxiously in a diner, throw up and even trash a toilet. All to underline the message that you should "Come to Hornbach, before your garden does."

Stink’s Traktor directed the film via Stink Berlin, while Anthony Dod Mantle was responsible for cinematography.







As well as the main TV and cinema film, which begins airing this weekend Germany, Austria and Italy with more markets to follow, there are a series of social assets containing fun "behind the scenes" material, plus, out-of-home, digital outdoor and other campaign elements.


We're also told there will be an opportunity for people to "meet" the plant protagonists at some stage, yet to be revealed. 

“We had so many ideas during campaign development,” explains Guido Heffels, founder of Heimat, “We could have made an entire motion picture. Or even a series.”