GE Fights Fire With Fire, Unrings a Bell in Latest 'Unimpossible Missions' Episodes

Branded Content Series Enters Season 2 With More Fascinating Experiments

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Jan 12, 2017

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Last February, GE, along with BBDO New York, took a novel approach to demonstrating the brand's innovation and ingenuity by debunking popular idioms about "impossible" things. For example, they showed how a snowball could survive in hell, how walls could "listen" and how you could catch lightning in a bottle.

Now, in the second season of the branded content series "Unimpossible Missions," GE demonstrates that you can indeed fight fire with fire and will also prove that you can "unring" a bell in a film debuting next week and previewed here.

In the former, which GE delivered in a 360-degree video, it turns out the sound of fire is what can fight fire. GE used modified speakers to amplify the sound of fire to a degree so high they could wipe out the flames on a stuntman set afire.

For the latter, the brand opened up the "Unimpossible Missions" idea to college students and asked them to dispel their own favorite idioms. Chris Nguyen, a biomedical engineering student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, figured out how to "unring a bell" with the use of "destructive interference" technology --something GE uses to tamp down noise coming from jet engines and MRI machines.