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The adventure bears fruit.

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Aug 16, 2010
The GE Show

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GE opens itself up even further with The GE Show, a new interactive online series that sets out to make major issues addressed by GE— like health and transportation— more digestible for the general public.

The show is one of the fruits borne from GE Adventure. Launched by The Barbarian Group a year and a half ago, the blog dove deep into the bowels of the company and its marketing practices and shared TBG's own ideas about what future approaches the company should take.

According to TBG's Director of Strategy Noah Brier on his blog, "As we dug into the different business units we started to realize that one of the things that tied them all together was that they were working on big problems that touched lots of people but were often so large or abstract that they were hard for regular folks like us. . . to really comprehend." That realization led to The GE Show, which aims to break things down for everyday consumers.

The first episode tackles the subject of healthcare. Not a straight up web video, it's broken down into five modules that get people to learn more about the issue through video, infographics and games, all while educating consumers on what GE is doing in the area.