GE Takes a Fascinating Look at the Future of Robots and More

Film Kicks off Invention Factory Series of Mini-Documentaries

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Feb 26, 2015

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GE explores the future of robotics in this fascinating mini-documentary, forming the first episode of a new nine-part series, Invention Factory, that looks at cutting-edge technology. This film examines the possibilities for robots to become more "human" as well as exoskeleton suits that humans can wear to make us faster or stronger. It also addresses fundamental questions such as whether humans are replaceable.

The second episode of the series, which will live on GE's online channels, focuses on the future of aviation, flight and space travel asking "how will the world get smaller?'". Episode three asks "How will we see the invisible?" and looks at new imaging and scanning technology such as 4D ultrasound.

The series was created by Virtue Worldwide, Vice Media's in-house creative services agency, whose U.S., Brazil, and China offices each produced individual episodes to be translated and syndicated across markets. The remaining five episodes will roll out in March.