Raccoons Get 'Racookin' in Their Own Food Vlogs for Geico

Foodie Scavengers Want Their Buddies to Taste Bad Stuff

Published On
Oct 24, 2016

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Geico's latest "It's What You Do" TV spot features a gang of scavenging raccoons, finding culinary inspiration from what they dig out of trash cans. The central idea is that when you taste something really disgusting, you want friends to taste it too -- like something that one raccoon describes as tasting of "mango chutney and burnt hair."

In a fun online extension, Geico and The Martin Agency have extended this theme with some videos that poke fun at popular cooking tutorial vlogs, with the raccoons experimenting with their own "raccookin" sessions. You can watch a raccoon walk you step by step through "pepperoni garbage bread" preparation, or make gross-looking chicken alfredo or pumpkin pie.