Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa Goes Transatlantic In Hunt For Gentlemanliness

Resident Beefcake Will Tour Britain And Post Videos Aimed At U.K. Consumers

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Dec 09, 2013

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Old Spice's Isaiah Mustafa is back, but this time with a project aimed at the U.K. market. This time he's on a hunt not just for manliness but gentlemanliness, as epitomized by the traditional British gent. Mustafa will travel through the City of London for the Old Spice Gentleman City Tour, where he will be inviting journalists, bloggers and fans onto his carriage for photos of man-iconic landmarks, which apparently include St. Paul's Cathedral. Meanwhile, Old Spice will release a number of its trademark social media videos, where Mustafa will share his views on the quirky regional differences in gentlemanly behavior across Britain's biggest regions and cities. All the content posted on the Old Spice U.K. Facebook page and on Instagram during December, hashtagged #GentleManHunt.

Old Spice has also conducted its own research, with a sample over 2,000 U.K. adults, into views of masculinity (for example, the brand found that less than two out of 10 men thought a modern man should wear speedos or a sarong).

The work is by Leo Burnett, the P&G roster agency for Old Spice in the U.K.