Durex Teams Up with Daft Punk for 'Get Lucky' Condoms

You'll Be Up All Night 'Til the Sun

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Jul 10, 2013
Get Lucky Condoms

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Well, you could spot this one coming from a mile away.

Durex has teamed up with Daft Punk and their new album, "Random Access Memories" for a new condom line called, "Get Lucky." Apparently the product is only being sent to DJs and "influencers" right now -- Diplo instagrammed his package earlier this week -- and according to Entertainment Wise, will go on sale in Europe.

The musical duo -- who appeared on the Creativity 50 list this year -- have done a bang-up job marketing themselves and the new album this year, embracing a minimalist philosophy that included a 15-second commercial that led to amazing viral success.

Update: Durex has since denied having any involvement with this packaging and photograph.