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The world's first Wikipedia city.

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Jul 13, 2012

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Monmouth, a town in Southeast Wales, may have pioneered the idea of a "Wikipedia town," but Gibraltar is going to be able to boast that it is the world's first "Wikipedia City."

In Monmouth, local people were encouraged by Wikipedia to contribute articles and photos about life in the town. People could scan barcodes at points of interest, and receive info (on Wikipedia) about the place on their phones.

In Gibraltar's case, the project will cover notable places/persons/things in the city and is, according to the Wiki page, at least three times bigger than Monmouthpedia. The interest areas include the Strait of Gibraltar, the south coast of Spain and the North coast of Morocco. QRpedia codes will be created for each Gibraltar Wikipedia page, and every notable place in the city will have plaques with the codes on them


Jul 13, 2012

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