Gillette Channels 'The Godfather' in U.K. Spot Launching Subscription Service

Mafia-Themed Ad Promotes Rollout of Gillette Club

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Apr 12, 2016

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Gillette is promoting the U.K.rollout of Gillette Club, its subscription razor blade service, with a TV spot that takes its cues from classic Mafia movies.

The online film, by Grey London and directed by Kai Schonrath of Nice Shirt Films, takes place in a barber's shop in Little Italy, where a smooth young blood (played by up-and-coming theatre actor Jordan Misfud) informs his bosses that a big shipment of "premium blades" has come in down on the docks. He pulls out his phone to show Gillette Club's payment site and explains how the model works -- a delivery of blades, "real discreet-like," when you're running low. The boss agrees and tells him to "make a marriage" and spot ends with the line "Get in on the deal."

Gillette Club launched in the U.S. last June, in a bid by the P&G-owned brand to make up for market share lost to the likes of subscription services like Dollar Shave Club.