Freaky Morphing Faces and Split-Personality Vehicles Welcome Honda's 2016 HR-V Crossover

Automaker Gets Really Versatile in Pair of Fantastic New Ads

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Jun 08, 2015

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RPA has debuted a pair of fantastic new ads to promote the all-new 2016 Honda HR-V Crossover and the idea that it's tailored to get just about everything right. One spot, "Give and Take," eschews sheet metal altogether and instead focuses on people's faces, which become strangely malleable as their owners tug and push on their various parts -- as if they're a living manifestation of a funhouse mirror.

"With cars, you usually have to give something up in order to get something good," explained RPA ECD Jason Sperling. "The new Honda HRV is this 'sweet spot' of cars -- it combines the best features of a lot of different cars without a bunch of compromise. The faces are fun, simple representation of 'giving something up in order to get something good,' and the HR-V comes to show what happens when someone gets something just right."

A second ad, "Great Thinking Inside," appeals to Honda lovers with a sense of nostalgia and shows a series of classic vehicles, including the Prelude, Del Sol and Element, split apart to reveal another Honda model, showing how the carmaker's great ideas of the past have led to those that followed.

"The HR-V is another in a long line of great Honda vehicles, and combines some of Honda's best thinking, s well as the souls of past cars, into one new crossover," added Mr. Sperling. "This spot was meant to celebrate everything that's led up to this big Honda moment in a sweet, sincere and clever way."

"The versatility, sleek design and advanced technology of the all-new HR-V Crossover provides a multi-dimensional element that will appeal to a variety of people," said American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Senior-VP/General Manager Jeff Conrad in a statement. "The vehicles in 'Great Thinking Inside' are iconic Honda models that demonstrate our evolution of thinking, while 'Give and Take' illustrates our dedication to innovations, and we're proud to continue this track record with the all-new HR-V."

Both spots were directed by Nexus' Smith & Foulkes, the team behind Honda's previous "Hate"-themed Cannes Grand Prix winner, "Grrr," out of Wieden & Kennedy London.


Jun 08, 2015
Brand :
Client :
Executive Vice President :
Joe Baratelli
Senior Vice President :
Jason Sperling
Vice President, Creative Director/Art :
Chuck Blackwell
Senior Copywriter :
Paul Fung
Senior Art Director :
Marcella Coad
Copywriter :
Adam Gothelf
Art Director :
Michael Enriquez
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer :
Gary Paticoff
Vice President, Executive Producer :
Isadora Chesler
Producer :
Mathew Magsaysay
Vice President, Director, Business Affairs :
Maria Del Homme
Senior Vice President, Management Account Director :
Brett Bender
Vice President, Management Supervisor :
Cathy O'Gorman
Management Supervisor :
Rose McRitchie
Account Supervisor :
Patty Mira
Production Company :
Director :
Smith & Foulkes
Executive Producer :
Tracey Cooper
Executive Producer :
Jeremy Smith
Line Producer :
Max Fink
Visual Effects Supervisor/Lead Flame Artist :
Benoit Mannequin
CG Lead/lighting :
Dameon O'Boyle
CG Lighter :
Tim Kafta
CG Artist :
Clement Renaudin
Offline Editor :
Billy Sacdalan
Post Executive Producer :
Jo Arghiris
Senior Producer :
Juliet Tierney
Producer :
Jake Fenkse
Vehicle Scanning and Modeling :
ACME Digital Content
Vehicle Modeling :
Kevin Malling
Vehicle Scanning and Modeling :
Brandon Acree
Vehicle Scanning and Modeling :
Tyson Hill
Vehicle Scanning and Modeling :
John Wang
Music Composer :
Squeak E. Clean Studios
Senior Copywriter :
Audrey Attal
Senior Copywriter :
Forrest Boleyn
Vice President, Group Account Director, Honda National Advertising/Digital/Social :
Jeff Moohr
Vice President, Creative Director/ Copy :
Ken Pappanduros
Agency :

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