Glamour : Mobile Taxi Shops

Hail a cab, buy a lipstick.

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Feb 10, 2012

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Instead of applying your lipstick in the back of a cab, this week you can actually buy a new one on the ride. Glamour magazine has teamed up with and L'Oreal and mobile commerce firm SpyderLynk to put shoppable TV into taxis during New York Fashion Week.

Passengers in 50 Manhattan cabs this week are being offered free cab rides for being part of the experiment. First, they have to agree to watch the cab's Taxi TV screen, where they can find 'Shop The Look' icons on Lancome and Yves Saint Laurent beauty products being discussed by Glamour fashion development director, Susan Cernek. To buy a product, all they need to do is to download Glamour's Friends and Fans app (or, if they don't have a smartphone, take a photo of the item and text it to a number) and 'swipe' the icon. The system uses SpyderLynk's 'Snap-to-Buy' technology.


Feb 10, 2012

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