Glitter Balloons Explode in a Crumbling Casino in Sony Bravia's Latest Color Extravaganza

Spectacular Spot Filmed in Romania Recalls 2005's 'Balls'

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Sep 22, 2016

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Sony Bravia returns to the spectacular, color-filled advertising that launched its brand in its latest spot, a visual extravaganza that sees white balloons explode all over a crumbling casino, unleashing a shower of rainbow glitter.

The new ad, by DDB Berlin, recalls ads such as Fallon's Balls from 2005, which launched the Bravia brand with a visual spectacular featuring 250,000 bouncy balls rolling through the streets of San Francisco. In more recent years, the brand has tried to recapture the magic with the likes of Volcano, through McCann.

Filmed in Romania by director Andre Stringer, it's set to a new cover of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" by Tom Odell (surely one of the most over-used tracks by advertisers, but nicely produced).The ad required 4,000 balloons and 1,500 kilograms of glitter to make, and was filmed using a mix of drones and hand-held video cameras. According to Sony, the accompanying key visuals were shot by high-speed photographer Fabian Oefner who attached a noise sensor to the camera shutter, so that it triggered every time a balloon popped.

Alice Bottaro, creative director at DDB Berlin, added in a statement: "Shooting this commercial required weeks of preparation and a lot of effort from special effects and production design partners. Glitter is a very challenging element to work with, even more so because we wanted to show the particles in all their detail and brilliance."

The campaign will launch in the U.K., Ireland & Germany from the beginning of October.


Sep 22, 2016
Agency :
Brand :
Sony Bravia
Client :
Sony Bravia
Managing Creative Director :
Myles Lord
Executive Creative Director :
Gabriel Mattar
Creative Director :
Alice Bottaro
Art Director :
Jacopo Biorcio
Art Director :
Alan Dindo
Copywriter :
Chiara Chessa
Client Services Director :
David Barton
Account Director :
Jemima Jordan
Producer :
Jens Mecking
Producer :
Marcus Wetschewald
Director :
Andre Stringer
Production Company :
Post Production :
NHB Studios Berlin GMBH
Print Producer :
Kamila Koelling
Photographer :
Fabian Oefner
Client Head of Marketing :
Mikio Nakazawa
Head of Brand and Product Communication :
Shuhei Sugihara
Brand and Product Communication Manager :
Moira Larkin
Brand and Product Communication Manager :
Alessandra D'Avino
Art Director :
Richard Small
Production Company :
Director, Photography :
John Lynch
Editor :
Mischa Meyer

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