This adorable Star Wars-themed ad has an ending we didn't see coming

Wunderman Thompson Philippines delivers a charming spot for Globe Telecom

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Nov 26, 2019

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Filipino telecoms firm Globe Telecom is getting on the Star Wars "Rise of Skywalker" bandwagon in preparation for the movie's release with an utterly delightful ad.

The spot, created by Wunderman Thompson Philippines, depicts a pair of kids working on a mysterious building project. We see them going around town collecting items such as a tire, cardboard, plastic toys and tinsel, as well as a whole bunch of mobile phones, but it isn't clear exactly what they are doing. (One thing is for sure -- these kids are more creative and enterprising than the pair in the Apple holiday ad and their parents, rather than trying to keep them quiet with an iPad, are quite happy for them to wander on railway lines by themselves.) 

Finally, they invite a friend into their home to watch "Star Wars" in the special 4D viewing experience they've rigged up -- and there's an even more heartwarming twist that we definitely weren't expecting. The final reveal is that the friend is actually deaf and they've created the whole thing just for her to be able to experience the movie without sound. According to the agency, the aim is to show that "the wonder of Star Wars can touch the lives of everyone, even of those who can't hear it."

The ad was directed by Lyle Sacris, via Film Pabrika. And, on a sad note, it's dedicated to Wunderman Thompson Philippines CCO Dave Ferrer, who has just passed away and who was "one of the biggest Star Wars fans in the world," says the agency. 


Nov 26, 2019
Globe Telecom
Wunderman Thompson-Philippines

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