A Couple's Phone Obsession Boils Over Into Tech Armageddon in Ray-Ban Short Film

Bo Mirosseni Humorously Examines Our Reliance on Devices

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Nov 11, 2015

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Ray-Ban takes on a theme that will seem familiar to many of us -- our obsession with smartphones and other electronic devices -- in an affecting short film, brilliantly directed by Bo Mirroseni of The Devil You Know.

The five-minute short shows a couple's relationship gradually being ruined by their devices -- as they relentlessly text during conversations and use iPads in bed. In scenes that might make you wince from hitting too close to home, they're even tapping away during a birthday party and talking nonstop to other people in the car.

Eventually this boils over into a furious row -- and every single device in the house meets a cataclysmic, hilarious end. It's only resolved by the intervention of a mysterious, shades-wearing actress who happens to be shooting a film outside the couple's home.

It's a film that will definitely make you think, and the product message is just incidental -- what Ray-Ban really wants you to do is "get back to nature," and if that involves sunglasses, well all the better. It's the latest in Ray-Ban's long-running "Never Hide" fims, created to highlight the relaxed, free-spirited vibe of the advertiser's fans.

"I'm not 100% anti devices," said Director Mr. Mirosseni in a statement. "I think they are able to help improve our lives in certain ways. However, we have become dependent on our phones for the wrong reasons. People are forgetting how to talk to each other in person, we become so anxious to check Instagram or Facebook that it causes disruption within each other. If you really stop and look around you, Everyone is on their phone at all times. It's pretty bizarre."


Nov 11, 2015
Agency :
Yours Truly Creative
Creative Director :
Will Abramson
Creative Director :
Babak Khoshnoud
Production Company :
Ray Ban (Never Hide Films) & The Devil You Know
Director :
Bo Mirosseni
Executive Producer :
Simon Wallon
Writer :
Bo Mirosseni
Writer :
Brian C. Thornton
Music :
Anderson Paak
Producer :
Thomas Leisten Schneider
Director, Photography :
Jon Peter
Production Designer :
Clovis Shambarret
Editor :
Bobby Gajic
Brand :
Client :

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