Lego : Go Miniman Go

Pereira & O'Dell, the new agency formed by AKQA alums PJ Perei

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Aug 28, 2008

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Pereira & O'Dell, the new agency formed by AKQA alums PJ Pereira and Andrew O'Dell, celebrates the 30th birthday of Lego's Miniman figure with a global campaign that includes a 3D CGI video and a website loaded with Miniman content.

The site hosts the 60-second video, which can be viewed and downloaded in HD or 3D formats. It features Miniman figurines reenacting memorable cultural moments from the last three decades including the Death Star battle from Star Wars, Travolta's Saturday Night Fever boogie and even the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Along with the video, visitors can check out other Miniman content including classic commercials, Miniman factoids and an interactive timeline that lets you use a slider to see the figure's various incarnations over the last 30 years.

The Go Miniman Go destination, which doubles as a blog that includes daily Lego-themed posts, also links to the Go Go video contest. Here, Lego's partnered with Gawker Media's gadget site Gizmodo to solicit budding filmmakers to create and submit their own 20-30 second short in honor of the Miniman. For inspiration, the contest page provides three creative videos from Lego directors Nate Burr, David Pagano and Nathan Wells.

Submissions must be turned in by October 15th. The best clips, which will be determined by the aforementioned directors, will earn winners everything from vintage Galaxy Explorer and Yellow Castle Lego sets to one specially designed by Lego's owner/vice-chairman Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen.