Animals and Humans Enjoy a World Without Borders in Three's Mischievous Spot

U.K. Telco Urges Customers to 'Go Roam'

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Jun 22, 2017

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Brexit and Trump have made border controls a tricky political topic, but U.K. telecom company Three makes light of the issue with a new social film celebrating the freedom enjoyed by wild animals -- and its own customers -- to roam the globe.

Gravity Road's spot, directed by Matt Huntley of Burger Films, shows polar bears, flamingoes, zebras, and dolphins performing remarkably human activities like kissing, yoga, and playing in the water, while a news anchor questions whether they have passports and fishing permits.

"Countries all over the world are being more protective of their borders," he says. "It looks like the U.S. is building a wall to try and stop people getting in, but guess who's not listening to these border controls? It's animals! And fair play to them for sticking their middle paw up at the world leaders."

He urges viewers to "Go Roam" and steps out from behind the news desk to take a ride on a "giraffe-amingo" -- the make-believe animal from Wieden & Kennedy's TV campaign for Three U.K.

The film promotes Three's "Feel At Home" offering, which allows customers to use their phone abroad in 60 destinations across the world at no extra cost.