Who is the 'GOAT?' Abby Wambach and Shaquille O'Neal Join the Debate in Twitter Spot

Two Spots Continue '#SeeEverySide' Campaign

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Jun 27, 2017

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Twitter continues its "See Every Side" campaign with two new spots this week, following the debut ad last week featuring Chance the Rapper.

One spot sees a furious debate kick off on the platform over who is the "GOAT" -- i.e. the "greatest of all time" in the sports word. It features cameos from Shaquille O'Neal, Dr J. (Julius Erving), Michio Kaku and Abby Wambach as some of the many people that weigh in from all different locations: from their sofas to launderettes, skate parks and pools. The ad ends with the words: "GOAT is happening. #SeeEverySide."

Another ad pictures people tweeting around "Summergeddon" as a heatwave unfolds in a city: there's even a mini story in the spot, where a man is pictured breaking a car window. At first people think he's sent insane by the heat, but then it turns out he was rescuing a dog.

Hustle's creative and strategy team worked directly with the Twitter #Studio team on the campaign strategy, messsaging and scripts.