Goldieblox Creates a Coding App for Little Girls

Delivering Cupcakes in an Attempt to Teach STEM Skills

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Jul 21, 2016

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Goldieblox, the girls' construction toy company, is encouraging little girls to get into coding with the launch of its own app.

The company, which has made some striking ads defying girlie stereotypes, has developed GoldieBlox: Adventures in Coding -- The Rocket Cupcake Co. The $2.99 app encourages girls to help lead character Goldie and her friend Ruby Rails deliver cupcakes all over BloxTown using their own coding skills.

The company promises: "Your coder will learn the basics of sequencing, mental modeling, and debugging -- without even realizing they're learning." It points out that by 2018, 2.4 million girls will need STEM skills -- and this game will help girls as young as four to learn them.