GoldieBlox Shows Your Brain on 'Princess' vs. Your Brain on 'Engineering'

Girl Toy Brand's Latest Video Delights While Revealing Startling Statistics

Published On
Apr 08, 2014

Editor's Pick

GoldieBlox, the girls' engineeering toy company that earlier this year took home the prize for Intuit's Super Bowl contest, has launched this delightful, eye-opening video for Easter. The film uses an egg to illustrate what girls' brains are like on "princess" versus what they're like something a little more educational, like engineering -- and GoldieBlox. The film shows the amazing contraptions that can be built using the construction set, like a mini ferris wheel, ramp and conveyor belt, complete with fun instructional videos showing how kids can create their own. All throughout, the film, created by an all-woman team, also reveals startling facts about girls' development in our society--such as the fact that girls lose confidence in math and science starting as early as age 7, female engineers earn more than 33% more than women in other professions and only 13% of engineers are women.