Can You Spot All the Internet Gags in GoDaddy's Return to the Super Bowl?

Can You Spot All the Internet Gags in GoDaddy's Return to the Super Bowl?

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Feb 01, 2017

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There are dozens of internet references and tech gags hidden throughout GoDaddy's Super Bowl commercial -- can you find them all?

GoDaddy's big-game spot, "Good Morning" by Bullish, introduces a new character who personifies the internet.

"Think about how the internet, universally, changed how we live, work, shop, communicate, connect and entertain," Barb Rechterman, chief marketing officer, GoDaddy, said in a statement. "We pay homage to so much of that in our new Super Bowl spot, which is packed with visual humor aimed at men and women of all ages."

The so-called "Easter eggs" hidden throughout the spot include cats on Roombas, a sneezing panda and a nod to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. There's also a shower scene that plays on the ice bucket challenge.

GoDaddy had so much footage of web tropes that Ms. Rechterman said the company will show more in a special Super Bowl Sunday internet-only version that on GoDaddy's site. The internet services provider has long used its Super Bowl ads to drive traffic to its website, often suggesting there would be material online that was too risque for TV (see its 2005 Super Bowl debut "Proceedings"), but it has toned down the sexuality in its ads in recent years. It sat our Super Bowl 50 entirely, capping its consecutive-appearances streak at 11.

Now GoDaddy is back to introduce GoCentral, a new service that combines a mobile-optimized website builder with an integrated set of marketing and e-commerce tools to help people get their ideas noticed. It will go up against other providers of web services such as Squarespace and, which have also become Super Bowl regulars in the war for a booming business sector.

GoDaddy released the spot Tuesday night on CBS's Super Bowl commercial special "Greatest Super Bowl Commercial Ever."

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