A Burning Car Summons Do-Gooders in Burger King's Good Samaritan Day Stunt

Fast Feeder Brings a New Twist to Flame Grilling

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Mar 13, 2018

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In case you didn't already know, today March 13, is National Good Samaritan Day. Naturally, Burger King has come out to celebrate.

The brand has debuted a new ad from David. It stars a guy wearing a Burger King uniform is standing on the side of the road near a car that's on fire. Will other drivers be good Samaritans and help, or drive by as he tries to flag them down? Those who stop to assist discover that the smoke and flames under the hood did not cause a breakdown. Rather, they're coming from a grill built into the car where the engine would normally rest.

They're then greeted by the restaurant chain's King mascot who wades through the smoke, and waves, exposing the prank. And, of course, there are Whoppers being flame-grilled in the car.

The do-gooders, after initial moments of shock, enjoy some laughs and some Whoppers. They even get the chain's golden paper crowns for their Good Samaritan-ness.

The video is the latest in a series of stunt marketing from BK, which has long emphasized its cooking technique in highly unusual ways.