An entire town's hopes rest on a kitschy, kitten-faced teapot and the woman who might buy it

Goodwill PSAs from Digitas focus on the benefit to the entire community

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Sep 13, 2018

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Small actions have large ripples throughout a community--even if those actions are decidedly kitschy. A new Ad Council campaign for Goodwill focuses on the unintended but beneficial consequences of a thrift store purchase.

As a woman eyes an (objectively tacky) teapot, its kitten eyes staring blindly back at her, the entire town holds its breath waiting expectantly for her decision. Like an election recount or the last play of a championship game, everyone’s hopes hang on her next move.

And she walks away.

Or does she? It’s a happy ending after all, and the money from her purchase goes to fund job training and support services in the community.

The campaign, running nationally was created by Digitas. It includes other spots breaking soon as well as print. On social media, shoppers can show off their thrift store treasures with #BringGoodHome, and influencers and content creators will amplify the campaign online. Jenn Im of “Clothes Encounters,” Kristin Johns, Jessica Neistadt, Emily Wass and Annalee of “There She Goes” and Mary Elizabeth of “Fashion on a Budget” have all signed on.