Android's Cuties Are Back and Dunking in Time for NBA All-Star Weekend

Android Users, Make a Droid Avatar and Dress Him Up Like LeBron.

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Feb 13, 2015

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Google gets in on the NBA all-star weekend fun by bringing its cute animated characters back. First introduced in October around the Android Lollipop operating system launch, the chunky darlings are back to promote the Androidify app.

This new spot, titled "Dunk-A-Thon" keeps up the '90s hip hop theme, backed by Luke's "It's Your Birthday." It debuts the same day as "Hand Shake" another fun found footage spot out of Droga5 for the "Be Together, Not the Same" campaign.

Androidify users can create little Android-shaped mascots, modeled after themselves or anyone else and style them however they like -- options include NBA jerseys to support their favorite teams and players.

The little droids can then be brought to (virtual) life -- each one can "laugh, dance, play hoops and all sorts of other moves" according to the website. The app can then help users turn their mini-me's into photos, personalized emoticons or animated GIFs.

Users can get creative then submit their favorite characters for a chance to have them appear in an upcoming Android digital ad, YouTube video or billboard.