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Make sweet music in Chrome.

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Nov 08, 2012

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Garage Band meets Chrome in Google's latest HTML5 experiment, "Jam With Chrome," created out of Google Creative Lab and Tool.

The web application lets you hook up with friends online to play music together, using your keyboard to play your instrument, no matter your musical ability. About 19 instruments are available, and you can switch anytime you want. Experiment in the "easy" mode, and switch to "pro" once you have mastered what keys control what.

The application uses HTML5 features like WebAudio API for high-quality sound, Websockets, Canvas and CSS3. Check out more of the technology here.


Nov 08, 2012
Google Creative Lab
Interactive Director:
Ben Tricklebank
Executive Producer:
Brian Latt
Executive Producer:
Dustin Callif
Executive Producer:
Oliver Fuselier
Creative Director:
Steve Vranakis
Head of Strategy:
Indy Saha
Xavier Barrade
Head of Production:
Louise Tanner
Team Leader:
Emma Turpin
Senior Producer:
Mark Curtis
Alex de Castro
Creative Technologist:
Joao Wilbert
Creative Director:
Johan Belin
Technical Director:
Oskar Eriksson
Rob Bailey
Digital Production Company:

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