Recreate the First Ever Parachute Jump on the Google Homepage

Today's Doodle Lets You Guide Animated Parachute Safely To The Ground

Published On
Oct 22, 2013

Editor's Pick

Over the past few years, Google Doodles have gone from celebrating the obvious holidays and calendar highlights (Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc) to celebrating more obscure anniversaries. Today's cute interactive animation celebrates the first ever parachute jump, made by Andre-Jacque Garnerin on October 22 1797 at Parc Monceau in Paris. The 28-year-old leaped from a balloon using a seven-metre silk parachute that resembled an umbrella. Users can now recreate that leap on the Google homepage, using their right and left arrow keys to guide the path of their parachutist safely towards the ground. Depending on where you direct him, he'll land on different landscapes including the sea, jungle and desert.