Google's New Drive App Makes Life a Lot Less Messy for 'Droid Users

Google Says "You're Welcome"

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Jul 16, 2013

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Android users are finally reaping the benefits of being Google's favorite child.  The new Google Drive app is seeing a marked improvement with a sleeker, more aesthetic card-style design and an intuitive user interface. Users can now swipe sideways to go from file to file. They also have a new "download a copy" feature that allows them to do just that whenever they like. From there, the copy can be printed using the Cloud Ready printer (in FedEx office, for example, or if their own printers have been added to their Google Cloud Print accounts).

And, in a move especially beneficial to clutter collectors, the app now has a scanning function powered by the Drive's new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that allows them to store paper docs that typically end up being shoved in a shoebox or drawer somewhere.Additionally, making edits on Google Sheets will be a better experience as changes to font, size, color and cell alignment can now be made directly on the app.

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