Google's latest innovation is a filter that Van Goghs you

Tech giant's Arts & Culture app now lets you transform yourself into classic works of art

Published On
Oct 07, 2020

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Back in 2018, Google invited people to see who their doppelgangers were in the world of classic with its Art Selfie. Now, its Arts & Culture team is taking a reverse approach, allowing you to capture your likeness in the hand of famous artists with a series of new filters.

The Arts & Culture app now is home to five 3D-modeled AR filters inspired by the famous works of Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Johannes Vermeer as well as classic Japanese and Egyptian artifacts. The filters will place your face into Van Gogh or Friday Kahlo’s self-portraits, turn you into the “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” or allow you to try on a samurai helmet or ancient Egyptian necklace.