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Aug 02, 2011

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Photographer and skateboarder Josh Maready set out to test the limits of GoPro camera--"The world’s best selling wearable HD cameras for sports," touts the brand’s website. Maready strapped the camera to the bottom of his deck and hit the streets of New York City. But what potentially could have been a brilliant promo for the device might have been the worst-or best-- product demo ever, depending on how you look at it. On his first run, Maready’s experiment lasted only two hours when he discovered that the camera was dead and unresponsive.

Instead of attempting to resuscitate it, he simply sent it back and received a new one. The new camera proved no match for the tough streets of the big apple either. Due to vibrations the lenses started to unscrew from the camera’s body, causing a blurry effect on video. Nevertheless, after two days and gathering about an hour and a half of decent footage, Maready pieced together a four-minute long final cut, featuring close ups of trucks and wheels as the skateboard tours New York City, ending at an undisclosed skate park. Despite Maready’s complaints the camera did capture lip tricks and even a tail grind on a bar before tapping out and becoming, “a paper weight,” he says on his blog.


Aug 03, 2011
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Josh Maready
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Josh Maready
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Josh Maready

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