Gopuff creatively delivers a whole new category of delivery: Instant gratification

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Apr 20, 2023
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A campaign that introduced the world to Gopuff, a fast growing startup that offered the fastest on-demand delivery service. Whether it’s cleaning supplies and groceries, snacks and drinks or even electronics and makeup, Gopuff has it all and delivers whatever you need within 15 minutes. To the point where it wasn’t just joining the ranks of on-demand delivery providers. It was establishing a whole new category—the instant needs category.

Creatively, the question was how do we reframe Gopuff from on-demand delivery to instant needs? Well, when you are satisfying needs in an instant, you are allowing people to live in the moment. And stay in the moment.

So our campaign showcased those four of those everyday moments and the emotional payoff that comes from instant gratification. How Gopuff isn’t just the go-to solution for immediate everyday needs. It’s a sanity saver, a serenity builder, a morning pick me up or mid-meeting energy boost.



Apr 20, 2023
Agency :
The VIA Agency
Client :
Chief Creative Officer :
Bobby Hershfield
Creative Lead :
Lauren Croteau
Creative Copy :
Chris Jacobs
Creative Art :
Gabriel Guedelha
Producer :
Barry Wolford
Client Strategy :
Luke Stevens

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