McDonald's Pickles and Ice Cream Anchor Sweet Stories About Friendship and Love

TBWA/Paris Is Behind Trio of Emotional Tales

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Jul 13, 2017

Editor's Pick

McDonald's has debuted a trio of delightful tales for the French market, created out of TBWA/Paris. One centers on a young girl's jealousy after her new sibling arrives. Her father tries to make things better by passing a little love note under his daughter's door. But it doesn't work until a little mishap alters his message for the better.

Another ad (above) follows an elderly gent as he makes a stop at the restaurant for an ice cream snack -- and confuses other patrons when he deliberately smears some onto his impeccably tailored suit. You discover his motivations soon enough, however. A final spot shows the depth of two guys' friendship through their shared Big Mac lunches. One loves pickles, the other hates them. So their typical ritual involves the latter transferring his to the friend's burger -- until a girl comes along.

All the ads weave emotion into the McDonald's-eating experience with a delicate touch, sparing us from cloying heavy-handedness that can often ruin such stories. Louis Sutherland of HelloStranger directed the spot featuring the girl, while Martin Werner directed the other two out of Henry.