New York Times Runs First Marijuana Ads

They Ran a Week After the Times Editorial Board Asked the U.S. Government to Repeal Marijuana Restrictions

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Aug 04, 2014

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Pick up the Times this Sunday to find ads about pot? Yeah, you weren't seeing things.

The New York Times ran two marijuana-themed color ads this weekend for completely different organizations, which together, highlighted the current debate on MJ legalization. One was the ad featured here, for, an affiliate of project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana), which warns against the risk of potential corporatization of weed -- a sort of big tobacco and pharma-type fear. Its photography juxtposes public perception of the pot smoker (a long haired, knit-wearing snowboarder type) with that of a corporate Joe in a suit.

The second ad was for Leafly-- an info hub for information for grass-lovers and neophytes. It presents two normal-looking people in everyday situations and provided information on different marijuana strains and their uses-- neither one of the cases was recreational. Read the Ad Age story for more information.


Aug 04, 2014

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