The Swiss Mountain Man in This Interactive Billboard Yodels and Gives People Free Train Tickets

Swiss Tourism Board is Back With Another Interactive Idea

Published On
Jun 30, 2015

Editor's Pick

Switzerland's Graubunden Tourism and agency Jung von Matt are well-known for their clever interactive stunts designed to publicize the remote mountain region -- in the past few years they have created an International Museum of Friendship as well as a worldwide Facebook page for a tiny mountain village.

This year's campaign is a little closer to home, targeting "stressed" urban commuters in a Zurich train station via interactive posters featuring a genuine Graubunden mountain man who can see and talk to those who walk past. The gruff but friendly guy from the idyllic mountain village Vrin in the Lumnezia Valley yodels at beckons to the passersby, inviting them to visit that afternoon. He even volunteers to call their teachers or bosses to provide a proper excuse. If they accept, the screen prints out a ticket, and all they need to do is jump on the train on the next platform.