Halls : Green Grape Sculptures-Best of 2011 PD #9

Immortalized in cough candy

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Sep 27, 2011
Green Grape Sculptures-Best of 2011 PD #9

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This social-media driven art stunt ranks among the best of work in 2011. When Hall's in Brazil discontinued its Green Grape ('Uva Verde') flavor drops at the end of last year, fans got onto the social networks and demanded their return. So the Kraft-owned brand decided to bring the drops back; but also, to pay tribute to the customers who saved it by sculpting their features into busts carved out of the product.

Agency Espalhe Guerrilha Marketing already commissioned a trio of Brazilian artists to create three sculptures, and also created a Facebook page where people compete to be the fourth person immortalized in 5,000 units of Halls Green Grape drops. The four busts - which remind us a little of this hilarious spot by Starburst - will be on display in an exhibition in Sao Paolo next month.