Tiny Bees Are The Eco Warriors In Greenpeace's Latest Ad

'Greenbees' Take On Pesticides In Film To Raise Awareness Of Agrochemicals

Published On
Apr 23, 2014

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Bees become eco-warriors in the latest commercial from Greenpeace, as it underlines the danger posed to humans from the use of pesticide which kills them. The spot, written and shot by Prague-based director Daniel Bird, shows bees holding up a plaque reading "save the humans,", heroically scaling pesticide sprayers like Greenpeace eco-warriors and even sailing in their own tiny protest boat on their mission to stop the use of agrochemicals. Greenpeace says such pesticides endanger not only the livelihood of bees but also food production for humans, as (it claims) one third of all food production relies on the pollinating role of bees.