Grey New York's pandemic art exhibit showcases how employees endured lockdown

Sobriety coins bras and more illustrate how the agency's New York staffers survived the past 20+ months

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Dec 16, 2021

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Grey New York and its 600+ employees decided to share about their experiences during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in a unique way: an art exhibit. 

“Six Feet Over: Shared Perspectives From The Time We Went Away” is a collection of over 400 artifacts from Grey staffers symbolizing their journey during these challenging months. 

It began as an idea to paint a picture of what the team experienced individually and collectively. 

“We’ve changed,” said Justine Armour, chief creative officer at Grey New York. “We look different. Many of us are new in the pandemic, and for those who’ve been here a long time, it all feels new as well. But this project gives us a moment to introduce and reintroduce ourselves to each other. To be floored by the humanity and talent in and around us. Whether you have been here 25 years or 25 days, whether you submitted a piece or you didn’t, if you’re here, you belong here. I hope this project reminds you that you do.”

The hundreds of submissions include a wide variety of items, including photos, poems, drawings, tweets, books, clothing, recipes and very personal “reminiscences, cathartic, moving and funny, flowed in with the authors remaining anonymous,” the agency press release reads.



Grey Pandemic Exhibit Image 1


Personal items such as sobriety coins show how some stayed sober; a checker-patterned tablecloth on a roof shows how one person was able to escape every day, while a lacy underthing illustrated new clothing habits—the caption reads, “I might never wear a bra again.”


Grey Pandemic Exhibit Image 2


“Covid took us away from each other and often made the work more hard than enjoyable, and the great resignation has done its best to unravel a great industry,” Armour said. “But here we are, approaching the other side of it, catching glimpses of the fun parts again, and looking around us to see who we’re colliding with now.”

On top of the exhibit, which includes photos of the items from employees, the passion project will also be turned into a hardcover book, and related podcast will be launching this week. 


Grey Pandemic Exhibit Image 3



Grey Pandemic Exhibit Image 4



Grey Pandemic Exhibit Coin



Grey Pandemic Exhibit Pen



Grey Pandemic Exhibit Lint brush


Dec 16, 2021
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Grey-New York

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