Free Guacamole: One of Chipotle's Strategies to Win Consumers Back

'Guac Hunter' Games Invites Viewers to Spot the Differences

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Mar 22, 2016

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Chipotle Mexican Grill is hoping to bring diners back to its restaurants by giving them a way to win one of its most popular items: guacamole.

The restaurant is offering fans a chance to score free chips and guacamole by playing an online game, "Guac Hunter," in which one is supposed to quickly spot several differences between very similar pictures.

The company has been trying to draw consumers back into its restaurant following the series of illness outbreaks that sent sales plummeting and prompted investigation by the CDC.

The chain has started to win back some with giveaways such as a free burrito, though sales and visits to its restaurant are still deep in negative territory. Last week, Chipotle said sales at longstanding locations were down about 22% in the first week of March. That sounds pretty bleak, but to the company it is a promising sign compared with the declines of 40% it was seeing in mid-January, before the CDC completed its investigation.

Chipotle took the lead on the game, incorporating assets and facts provided by industry marketer Avocados From Mexico. Chipotle said the concept for the game came from the company itself. Sequence was in charge of building and hosting the game, while Vibes is managing mobile aspects such as offer delivery.

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