Geico's Gecko and Groot Join Forces in Insurer's Biggest-Ever Cross-Branding Tie-Up

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Star Appears in Latest Laffer From The Martin Agency

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Apr 03, 2017

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Groot, the beloved tree behemoth-turned-sapling from Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy," has teamed up with Geico's Gecko in the insurance brand's biggest co-branding effort to date.

Created out of Geico's longtime agency The Martin Agency, the ad promotes both the insurer as well as Marvel Studios' sequel to its offbeat superhero film, in theaters on May 5. It depicts the brand's famous spokesreptile watching the upcoming movie and fantasizing about how his platform (saving consumers money on insurance) dovetails perfectly with that of the Guardians (saving the world).

In his mind's eye, he recruits the film's arguably most lovable character, Groot, to tag-team on both missions. As the Gecko implores him to say his famous tag: "You're line is, 'Geico could save people 15% or more ,'" Groot repeatedly (and adorably) recites his own iconic line: "I am Groot."

There's an interesting production story on the spot as well. It was produced out of Framestore and directed by the company's Director of Animation David Hulin. Framestore was the company behind some of the effects and character development for the actual "Guardians" film. In fact, its film department developed both Groot and his baby self, as well as "Guardians" character Rocket.

The Geico ad was a collaboration between the company's film and advertising departments. The London film team worked on Baby Groot, while the New York office animated the Gecko, which it's worked on for more than a decade.