This Shocking Instagram Campaign Shows How We All Have Responsibility for Vulnerable Kids

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Apr 18, 2017

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French child protection organization Innocence in Danger has used Instagram to demonstrate shockingly how an entire community can be responsible for the death of one child.

Agency McCann Paris posted the stories of nine murdered children, all based on real cases, on Instagram under the account @GuiltyTags. In the pictures all the people responsible for what happened to those children are tagged -- not just the murderer, but uncaring parents, distracted social workers, teachers who turned a blind eye and more.

The story of Sophie for example, who was severally neglected, can be discovered by clicking on tags that link to people like her dad, doctor and teacher, where you'll discover small but alarming signs that she is being hurt and that no one is taking action.

The agency created 60 profiles and more than 1650 posts to tell the stories, and the campaign also appeared on interactive posters. Riccardo Fregoso, executive creative director, commented in a statement: "@GuiltyTags is a reflection of our society where every profile is connected to others. Action or inaction always has an impact on others."

Homayra Sellier, president of Innocence in Danger, said: "Since the beginning of the year, we have already seen fifteen cases of deceased children. This campaign powerfully demonstrates the fact that we are all directly or indirectly involved. We follow many cases of child abuse on a daily basis and engage in numerous lawsuits to defend them. Very often we come to the same conclusion: all the signs were there and these dramatic issues could have been avoided if someone had simply spoken up."


Apr 18, 2017
Innocence in Danger
Innocence in Danger
McCann - Paris
Executive Creative Director:
Riccardo Fregoso
Executive Creative Director:
Julien Chiapolini
Associate Creative Director:
Sebastien Boutebel
Associate Creative Director:
Guy Lewis
Art Director:
Lauren Haberfield
Art Director:
Jimmy Charles
Integrated Producer:
Arnaud Lemens
Chief Executive Offier:
Bruno Tallent
Account Director:
Coline Déchelette
Senior Strategic Planner:
Shadi Razavi
Senior Strategic Planner:
Pierre-Hugues Rondeau
Channel Planner:
Régis Langlade
Senior Digital Project Manager:
Charlotte Bauer-Couty
Communications Manager:
Isabelle Hafkin
Community Manager:
Henry Roux-Dessarps
Community Manager:
Alizée Tournadre
Executive Producer:
Jean-Gabriel Saint Paul
Line Producer:
Varick Loyer
Casting Director:
Naim De la Lisière
No Problem
Executive Producer:
Eric Pelletier
Sound Production:
Raphael Fruchard
Jérôme Alquier

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