Real-life Welsh brothers honor their mother's legacy in this emotive Guinness rugby spot

Stink's Tom Green directs AMV BBDO campaign for the Six Nations tournament

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Feb 07, 2019

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Guinness cast two real-life Welsh brothers in its rugby-focused campaign for the Six Nations tournament this year.

The ad, by AMV BBDO, stars David and Gareth Rees and tells the story of their late mother, Olive, and her passion for rugby. Directed by Tom Green via Stink, it recreates the story of how she left them her inheritance under the condition they used it to follow the Welsh rugby side play the game that she loved. To honor her spirit, the brothers use her favorite Welsh dragon purse every time they go to a game. The film shows them celebrating across Europe as they watch the Six Nations, as well as scattering their mother's ashes at her funeral. 

The spot is airing alongside Guinness' responsible drinking campaign, launched last week, in which it parodied beer ads by promoting drinking water as "Guinness Clear."