Global Premiere of 'Action Film' Shocks Audiences With Real Gun Violence Footage

Latest Gun Violence Effort From Grey Is an Eye-Opening Theater Stunt

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Apr 13, 2016

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Grey New York and States United to Prevent Gun Violence haven't pulled any punches in their attempt to sensitize viewers to the potential dangers of owning firearms and of weak gun control measures. Previously they created the award-winning "Gun Store" stunt that featured a storefront that sold weapons that were involved in the real killings of innocent victims.

More recently, they created a faux "blockbuster" film "Gun Crazy," which promised an action-packed ride for theater-goers. Although the customers expected to see a thrilling, fictional Hollywood romp, what appeared on screen was a supercut of real-life killings, pulled from news footage and CCTV feeds.

Hidden cameras captured the shocked reactions of the viewers, who go on to express their disbelief in video captured after the screening.

"In 2015 alone, there were almost as many mass shootings as there were calendar days," said Julia Wyman, executive director of States United to Prevent Gun Violence in a statement. "Our goal with #GunCrazy is to showcase the need for society as a whole to re-sensitize themselves to the gruesome consequences of gun violence."