Netflix's Halloween Doorbell Lets You Ignore Trick or Treaters and Stay on the Sofa

It Also Plays Music From Your Favorite Shows

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Oct 28, 2016

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It seems Netflix is encouraging you to go as "anti-social" for Halloween. Its latest build-at-home hack device is a doorbell created especially for Trick-or-Treaters -- so you don't have to deal with them and carry on with your binge watching.

As Netflix helpfully points out, pause rates on its shows spike during Halloween night as people constantly get up to answer the door for the little gremlins. The doorbell (which can be created using the instructions here) fits over your usual chimer and can be set to play music from your favorite Netflix show (the video suggests "Stranger Things" -- although maybe given the upcoming Election it could be "House of Cards") when kids approach. What's more, it tells the visitors you're busy watching TV and won't be coming to the door any time soon, but points them in the direction of your candy.

Whether this is actually better than the old, non-digital "basket on the doorstep" device at preventing you from answering the door we're not sure. But it's a great promotional tool for Netflix.

This is the latest "MakeIt" project for Netflix from Deeplocal, which you may remember was also behind the company's holiday binge-watching socks and switch that let you dim the lights, order take out and start your streaming in one go.