Watch Charlie the Hamster Steer a Volvo Truck Up a Quarry

Forsman & Bodenfors Show off Vehicle's Steering Prowess

Published On
Sep 17, 2013

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Volvo and Forsman & Bodenfors continue their "Live Test" series, which uses an especially stunty method to show off the features of the Volvo trucks. It began with the Ballerina stunt last year, where a tightrope was placed between two moving trucks, continued with a stunt where truckers were stuffed, willy-nilly, inside a Volvo FH, and more recently, got the president of the company to stand on a truck, dangling by its own towing hook, way above the Gothenburg harbor in Sweden.

Now, they show off the vehicle's steering, by getting a hamster to run on his own wheel, placed on top of the steering. A carrot is used as an aid, and the mission is to get Charlie to drive the truck up a steep quarry.