This Can of Coca-Cola is Smiling At You

Top modified to turn opening into a wide grin

Published On
May 30, 2013

Editor's Pick

McCann Milan changes up the top of the Coke can just a tiny bit -- to make a huge difference. When the tab is popped, the normally oval-ish shape is turned into a big, wide grin, making the soda smile back at you every time you open a can. This is the second can-based execution from Coke’s “Open Happinness” campaign this week. Earlier, Ogilvy Paris debuted the “Sharing Can,” a 330 ml. package that could be twisted and split into two so you can split your sugary soda with a friend.

Currently, the Happy Can is just for promotional purposes, used on out-of-home and billboards in Italy. Hopefully it’ll go into production soon so we can feel a little happier while guzzling down calories.