Best of 2014 #8 Interactive/Integrated: Huggies Korea Gives Babies Their Own Tiny Cameras with Heartwarming Results

Campaign Helps Parents Capture Precious Moments From Infant's Perspective

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Nov 11, 2014

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At #8 in Interactive/Integrated, Huggies Korea turned technology emotional in this stunt that preserved precious moments between mothers and their newborn babies -- for both parent and child alike. By attaching special "Momentcams" on moms and their little ones, Huggies captured precious memories from the pairs' points of view-- only as they interacted with each other.

Diaper brands always try to reach out to parents by capturing "memories," whether by compiling photo albums from their online pictures or making cute Facebook apps. Now Huggies Korea is using technology to give this marketing genre a new twist, attaching mini-cameras to small babies to record life from their point of view.

Huggies Korea -- which has demonstrated a talent for innovation with projects like Babbling Translator -- and agency Innored came up with the "Momentcam." (Design agency Kinneir Dufort also worked on the prototype). It consists of two tiny cameras, one for the parent and one for the baby. Both start to record automatically when parent and baby move within two meters of each other. All the parent has to do is press a red button after each moment they want to keep.

Huggies invited 10 Korean moms to take part, and the results of the project, which can be seen in this video, are heartwarming. The company -- which plans to test the Momentcam with a further group of Huggies consumers -- says that capturing these parenting "moments" reminds moms and dads how rewarding parenting can be. But seeing what your child sees is a fascinating concept which could have uses far beyond making cute videos.


Nov 11, 2014
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Huggies Korea
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Huggies Korea

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