No Kids Were Harmed During the Filming of This Dangerous-Looking Milk Ad

Martin Werner Directs Spot Set to 'It's a Hard-Knock Life' From 'Annie'

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Oct 09, 2017

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You can't go through childhood without getting some hard knocks, but it's not something we very often see in advertising.

A new spot from Norway's Tine Milk, shot by ubiquitous Danish director Martin Werner for Oslo agency Try, sets out to show a more realistic view: kids whack each other with pillows, fall over in the playground, get hit in the face with balls, fall off trampolines and go flying at the bike park. One even falls through a roof (don't try this at home.)

The ad is set to the song "It's a Hard Knock Life" from the musical "Annie," which serves as an uplifting soundtrack to give it an appropriate sense of fun. The ad ends with the line "Active bodies need the right fuel."

So just how challenging was it to create an ad in which kids get hurt without actually harming any kids? Try art director Ester Hjellum tells Creativity: "It was a bit of a challenge making the film because we wanted to make it look like the kids got hurt, without actually hurting them. But we had great stunt co-ordinators who prepared the children for every scene and it ended up with the children doing stuff we'd never dare to do. Which proves the point of the ad really!"

If you still feel you need proof no kids were harmed during the filming of this comercial, have a look at the agency's own behind-the-scenes film.


Oct 09, 2017
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Tine Milk
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Tine Milk

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