Romance Novel Hunks Invade an Office in a Fun Campaign for Harlequin

Forget Wine O'Clock, This Is Romance O'Clock

Published On
Mar 15, 2016

Editor's Pick

This Canadian spot for romance novel publisher Harlequin doesn't make any apologies about the kind of literature its readers enjoy; it's escapism, pure and simple, and perhaps something to treat yourself with at the end of a long hard day.

That's illustrated by a storyline in which a woman daydreams, in her office cubicle, after a day's drudgery that it's now "Helen o'clock." Suddenly a guy from every romance novel cliche invades the office -- the billionaire taking her to Monte Carlo, the hunky fireman, suave doctor, strong cowboy -- carrying Helen and her colleagues off to the world of Harlequin. It's all fun, ridiculously over-the-top stuff, perfect for the genre.

The ad is by BBDO Toronto and is directed by Ben/Dave of Partners Film, Toronto. There's also a print and social media campaign that centers on the different romantic Harlequin archetypes.