'Silicon Valley' fans can now customize the show's witty opening titles

HBO gives parting gift to fans as show debuts its sixth and final season

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Oct 24, 2019

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On Sunday, the sixth and final season of “Silicon Valley” will begin airing on HBO. Over the past five years, the Mike Judge series has deftly satirized the wild west of tech world entrepreneurialism. We’ll be sad to say farewell to its lovable cast of bumbling, arrogant and sometimes well-meaning characters, but as a parting gift, HBO is inviting fans to insert themselves into the show's colorful intro with a "Silicon Valley" custom titles generator.

At BetheValley.com, viewers can input a short two-word phrase, which will then replace the show’s name in the opener and can be shared via social media. 

Created by Yu+Co, the original titles have also served as witty commentary on the insanity of the Silicon Valley over the years. Each new season would bring to the cartoonish landscape fresh Easter eggs that highlighted the current stars, busts and goings on of the tech world, both real and fictional: Amazon, Airbnb, Alibaba, Facebook (in Cyrillic), the show’s Hooli, 23andme, Uber, Lyft, drones, Tesla trucks, Soylent, Slack, Theranos and more.