Jesus gets a rebrand

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Jul 26, 2022


We launched one of the most provocative faith-related campaigns in the history of advertising. He Gets Us connects the dots between Jesus’ experiences and people’s contemporary experiences in ways that are raw, unexpected, and true.

He Gets Us presents Jesus as a person who dealt with issues, conflicts, and situations that people deal with today. The campaign aims to inspire skeptics, not with an image of a God made human, but with the example of a man who really lived, and who started a radically inclusive love movement that is still thriving today.

The goal of the campaign isn’t to convert, but to generate contemplation, consideration, and conversation about the example of Jesus as an inspiration for today.

How? By telling stories from Jesus’ life – stories about how he was born to a teen mom, fed up with politics, dealt with anxiety, experienced homelessness, fought for women’s rights, befriended outcasts, and was beaten by the police.

We are sharing these stories across TV, digital video, programmatic out-of-home, radio, native, and events in English and Spanish. The campaign leads users to a website to read about these stories on their own or chat with someone live.

The results have been nothing short of remarkable. In just seven weeks, we generated more than 275 million YouTube views, nearly 2 billion impressions, and 4 million website users. More importantly, we achieved boosted favorability by double digits around topics like “Consider Jesus a worthy example,” (+11%) “Agree Jesus loves all,” (+17%) and “Believe Jesus understands me” (+12%) all in less than two months.

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Jul 26, 2022
Agency :
Creative :
David Morring
Creative :
Ryan Beals
Brand Leader :
Jon Lee
Strategy :
Kelly Piland
Director :
Carolyn Santiago

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