This insurance campaign isn't sentimental about your belongings

'It's just stuff' says Sweden's Hedvig

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Jun 10, 2020

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When you've lost beloved belongings, it's easy to get upset—and people saying "it's just stuff" can seem, well, insensitive. But, in an unusual move for an insurance brand, a new campaign by Swedish insurer Hedvig takes just this unsentimental approach.

For example, one video shows a dress burning up in a night-time bonfire at the beach, as its owner has fun in the sea. "Your dress may be gone, but you'll remember this night forever," says the voiceover. Another spot shows a lost suitcase, but reminds you it's the beginning of your vacation, and a film about a stolen bike adds a dose of humor by showing the thief having some fun on our wheels. 

"Hedvig is a new approach to insurance," said Rebecca Lundin, marketing director at Hedvig, in a statement. "It’s about freedom and being ok with your life, no matter what happens to you. Everyone should be able to afford to say 'it’s just stuff' when the TV breaks or your bag gets stolen. Just because we’re an insurance company doesn’t mean that we have to worship at the altar of materialism."

The campaign was created in-house and directed by Norwegian duo Matias & Mathias via Bacon. It was shot in Copenhagen, shortly after Danish society began opening up to filming again.


Jun 10, 2020
Client :
Marketing Director :
Rebecca Lundin
Production Manager :
Margarita Kradjian
Creative Director :
Evelina Rönnung
Creative Director :
Petter Swanberg
Agency Producer :
Pia Dueholm
Production Company :
Bacon CPH
Director :
Matias & Mathias
Executive Producer :
Samuel Cantor
Production Coordinator :
Nicholas Perry
Director of Photography :
Andreas Bjørseth
Lighting :
Michael Sørensen
Production Designer :
Mads Jørgensen
Wardrobe :
Melanie Buchhave
Producer :
Eli Mari Sandal
Producer :
Øystein Dyb
Colorist :
Julien Alary
Sound Design :
Andreas Waag
Editor :
Matias & Mathias

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